Woodney is a minor character in the Black Cat series. He is first introduced impersonating the "Black Cat" (Train Heartnet), but later becomes an informant (manga) after being confronted, and saved by Train for doing so. In the anime, he becomes sort of a sidekick to Train's group.


Woodeny is an overweight man with a goatee. He wears a black jacket, red muscle shirt, and black pants. His round eyes show a great deal of innoncence and purity.


Woodney has a cheerful personality. He is extremely demonstrative and optimistic, showing faith in Train at all times, and usually enthuiastic. He is shown to be a coward when trouble arises, and usually seeks safety behind his comrades. He claims to be only 20 years old in the anime, but in the character book his age is stated to be 35. He is portrayed humorously as a younger brother-like figure to Train.


Woodney impersonates the "Black Cat", but after being targeted, drops the charade. He wants to travel with Train and the group, but they convince him to be an informant instead. He turns out to be bad at the job when they receive information from him that leads them nowhere, although said false information was purposely put out by Chronos in order to manipulate Train. He is only seen again in Train's memories of the people he cares about during the final battle with Creed.


In the anime, Woodney plays more of a role than in the manga. As in the manga, he's introduced as someone who is impersonating the "Black Cat". He even had the number '13' tattooed on his left forearm, although he done so using Arabic numerals rather than Roman. However, after being rescued by Train, he then attempts to be his sidekick. Unlike the manga where he's convinced to be an informant (a bad one at that), he joins Train and his group, and tends to develop a friendly relationship with the group, calling Train "brother" and shown carrying Eve on his shoulders. He is attacked by Flora the dinosaur, but saved by Train and the Sweeper's Alliance. Woodney sits out the battle against Creed, but takes a minor part in the last few episodes when the group tries to save Eve. He plays with the orphans that Train and Eve helped earlier. At the end of the series at the bar with Sven. The character's are shown to be somewhat protective of him, reasoning to why they leave him out of the most dangerous battles.


  • He is one of the few recurring characters that has no profile in the manga, nor a last name, thus, the details of his life before meeting Train and the group remain unknown. His age is also in question, as he acts like a younger sibling to Train in the anime.
  • Woodney is one of the only characters to have his eyes drawn in a way that symbolises innoncence and purity.

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