"We have another target for you Sweeper!"
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  • Silphy Deacroft is a sweeper, whose specialty is body combat, though she also uses firearms. She is saved by Sven while battling Slasky, though she helps Sven defeat him. She is often provoked when some sweepers look down on her, because she is a woman. In the anime, Slasky is nonexistent, and Sven insteads saves her from a vengeful Preta Ghoul who mistakes her for Saya
  • Toma Fudo and Murdock are captured and given "Berserk". Nanomachines that cause them to fall under complete control of Doctor, and increase their battle capabilities. They are unable to be knocked unconscious due to a high amount of adrenaline, so they are saved after Eve destroys the nanomachines.