Silphy Deacroft is another one of the Sweepers that forms the Sweeper's Alliance.


Silphy wears black pants and a sleeveless jacket.



Six year background as a Sweeper. Because her father was a Sweeper, she was brought up learning various skills. Her father died when she was 15 in a plane crash, the cause thought to be due to a criminal group that despised her father and sought to gain strength. The truth is still unknown. Despite of that, she still aspired to become a Sweeper.



She battles Deek Slasky, but he manages to deliver an attack that continually freezes her until she turns into a complete ice statue. However, while the ice is still spreading through her arm, Sven appears and fights Deek, damaging so that his Chi is not strong enough to maintain the spell, saving Siplhy.


In the Anime her part is the same, except she does not battle Deek, as he doesn't appear, instead she is attacked by Preta Ghoul, who Sven fights to save Silphy.


Her specialty is body combat. Silphy fights using her fists though she also uses firearms and knives.

Silphy Deacroft




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Current: Train Heartnet · Sven Vollfied · Eve · Rinslet Walker
Deceased: Saya Minatsuki
Alliance: River Zastory · Kevin McDougall · Silphy Deacroft · Lacdoll · Gallom


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