• Name: Shot
  • User: Durham Glaster
  • Type: Tao
  • Debut (manga): chapter 41
  • Debut (anime):
    Durham's Concealed Gun


Durham's power of Tao reflects his murderous and violent nature. It's called "Shot" and it enables him to channel his ki into his revolver to fire powerful blasts of pure ki. Durham needs a gun or a cannon of some sort to use his power, and by using it he can fire countless projectiles with nearly unlimited ammunition. Durham can either concentrate his power to fire a huge and devastating blast of ki or firing many balls, or stronger beams of ki in rapid succession. He is also a highly skilled marksman and gunfighter with excellent reflexes, spriness and fighting skills. Moreover, should he lose his gun, he has a special cannon hidden in the "mouth" of his mask, which enables him to fire huge and powerful streams of ki.