• Name: Setsuki
  • User: Shiki
  • Type: Tao, Insects
  • Debut (manga): chapter 144
  • Debut (anime): none

Shiki's most perfect creation. Setsuki, the Demon Insect of War is a highly powerful, humanoid hopper-like insect with a very Guyver-esque appearence. He
is fully sentient, he has human-level intelligence, he can talk and he is blindly devoted to Shiki. Setsuki is incredibly strong, fast, and proficient in hand-to-hand combat, having fighting skills which rival that of a Chrono Number, no less. He can catch bullets with his fingers, he can counter stealthy attacks from behind, and he is not above using dirty tricks. Setsuki can also fly with his wings, though he is never seen doing so and he can use his tail-like stinger like a piercing weapon. His most powerful attack is called the "Screaming Laser:" he open his "mouth" and emits a supersonic scream, before firing a laser-like beam of high-pitched sound waves, that can cut through nearly everything.

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