Rinslet Walker



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リンスレット ウォーカー


Rinsuretto u~ōkā

Also known as

Elena (Alias)
Rins (Nickname)

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August 1

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167 cm / 5'5"


48 kg / 105.8 lbs

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money, jewelry, handsome men, cute girls



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Chapter 3


Episode 2

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Jamie Marchi

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Rinslet Walker is a main character of Black Cat. She is a thief-for-hire.


Rinslet has shoulder length lavender hair and green eyes. She wears stylish clothing and prefers to go for the tighter, shorter variety.

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When in disguise, Rins adopts an alias where she wears a blonde wig.


Rinslet is flirtatious and sly but she also takes her work very seriously. She's very proud of being one of the best, most resourceful thieves in the world. She will help others or even destroy what she is hired to steal if the item is dangerous to humanity. She dislikes mentioning her age. She likes jewels and shopping but dislikes stealing anything that she cannot carry on person. Rinslet cares about Jenos though she pretends to be put off by his flirting. In the manga, Rinslet initially has a small crush on Train, though it hasn't become anything more than that. She constantly argues and fights with Train but the two are actually friends. Rinslet is usually level-headed, but easily angered when provoked. She cares deeply for her comrades and would do anything to keep them out of trouble.


Manga Plot

Rinslet first appears in Annette's cafe, Cait Sith, where Train and Sven are eating and taking a break from their last bounty hunt. She begs Train to save her from a group of men chasing her and he begrudgingly agrees. They're easily taken care of by Train while Sven becomes suspicious of Rinslet's behavior. He points out her hidden gun and demands to know who she is. Impressed by his perceptive nature, Rinslet waits for Train to come back before revealing her identity as an infamous thief-for-hire, having even stolen top secret information on various countries to sell to rival government officials.

Rinslet hired the men to chase her because she wanted to see the extent of Train's power. Her current job involves going after information held by Torneo Rudman, the head of a smuggling organization. She explains that she needs someone to physically overtake his security so she could get the goods. Rinslet asserts that she's safe from police scrutiny since multiple governments would have their dirty deeds revealed. Train and Sven only agree because Torneo is involved in illegal activities and also has a bounty on his head. In the end, she burns down his entire research center as she finds the information to be too disturbing and infuriating. She helps Eve pick out new clothes before parting ways with the group.

The next time Rinslet meets Train, she is held captive by Creed Diskenth. He uses her to lure the ex-assassin out and eventually she rescues Train from his fall into the sea. Later, Rinslet enlists Train's help as an escort for her next big heist: Madame Freesia's latest treasures, which are displayed every year at a party. She tells Train that it's taken her a long time and no small amount of trouble to be able to get access to the billionaire's annual soiree. The thief's hopes for a large diamond are cut short when Madame Freesia's "treasure" turns out to be an artificially created dinosaur. She leaves the chaotic aftermath unharmed yet disappointed.

She's later interrupted during one of her escapades by Time Guardian No. VII, Jenos Hazard. She ends up being hired by Chronos to scout the location of the Apostles of the Star. However, Rinslet is captured during this mission and is rescued by Train. The thief also helps Sven when he trains to improve the use of his ability to see into the future. She ends up saving the injured Sweepers during Train's final battle with Creed. She is last seen in the final chapter, where she meets up with Train, Sven, and Eve to catch up after so long.

Anime Plot

Rinslet first appears under the disguise of "Elena", and hires Sven to help capture her "little sister". However, after seeing the girl, Sven deduces that Rinslet was lying. She takes off the wig and explains that the girl, Eve, is actually a highly dangerous bio-weapon. Sven saves Eve from dying at the hands of Black Cat, and she becomes a valuable friend.

Later, Rinslet is hired by the Chronos number, Jenos Hazard, to steal spirit water from Charden Flamberg. She asks for Sven's aid, in order to help him out financially. She participates in the final confrontation, but does not actually fight any Apostles. At the end she and Jenos start dating.

Equipment and Abilities

Stealing: She is a world class thief and can steal just about anything.

Marksmanship: Rinslet owns and uses a gun but she is not as skilled at fighting as Train or Sven.

Whip: She also carries a whip with a heart shaped tip for moving quickly.


Jenos Hazard

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Rins and Jenos in chapter 69

Rinslet finds Jenos annoying due to his constant flirting with other girls, a bad habit that earns him a punch from Rinslet. She also finds it hard to believe that someone like him is an assassin. Deep down, however, she cares about him. This is shown when she expressed her concern after Cerberus fought Creed. After Jenos surprised her with the fact that he was alive, she punched him for not calling her. While Rinslet doesn't acknowlage his attempts at flirting with her, she secretly returns those feelings.



  • Her name is Rinsel Walker in the Spanish dub
  • Yabuki named her Rinslet because it signified "long-haired beauty".
  • She shows an interest in Train in the manga, Sven in the anime, and Jenos in both.


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