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Donovan Wraith

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Lib Tyrant


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Anri Katsu

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Ian Sinclair

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Race Donovan (レイスドノバン) is featured in episode one as Lib Tyrant's head bodyguard. He wears a high-tech visor and fights with a pair of giant, bladed boomerangs. In the manga he is the family assassin for the Lib Mafia.


Race has white hair and wears a high tech visor. He also has a black suit and white tie. In the manga Race has black slicked-back hair. He has glasses and a goatee. He wears a white coat over a black suit.


Race is very loyal to Lib Tyrant and will eradicate anything that he finds a threat. In the manga he is very cruel and will follow his orders.



In the manga Race is the family assassin for the Lib Mafia. Race is first seen killing the men who failed to kill Harry. 

Reis in the manga

 Later Train Heartnet and Harry Affleck are waiting for Sven Vollfied when suddenly Sven appears covered in blood. Harry asked if he's been shot, when suddenly  Sven shoots Harry, killing him. It was really Race in disguise. Train then follows Race to a rooftop where they talk. Race notices his tattoo and his gun, which belongs to Black Cat the legendary assassin who killed countless people. Just then Race starts shooting at Train, but Train blocked all of them. Train then shoots into the barrel of his pistols and jumps on Race with his gun at his head saying that Black Cat had died and become a stray, and to tell pops (Harry) that he would like to eat a meal with him. Train then shoots and kills Race.


Race first appears alongside Lib at the parade. He later appears at Libs party following him for most of it. While Lib goes to the bathroom he sees Sven and stares at him. Race is standing behind Mr. Tyrant while he is giving his speech but just then Train comes in and knocks Race and the other bodyguards out and kills Mr. Tyrant.


Reis being killed by Creed

While Train and Sven are talking Race appears and starts throwing his boomerangs at them. He manages to cut Train's face, but Train then catches one of them, proceeding to then pin Race to the tree. Train leaves and Sven follows, just as Creed Diskenth appears and tells him he must pay for scaring Trains pretty face. Creed then steps on the boomerang killing Race.

Equipment and Abilities

Disguise: Race is a master of disguise.

Boomerang: Race uses a pair of giant boomerangs that can cut through just about anything. He throws and


catches the boomerangs at great speed




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