Nizer Bruckheimer, known as Number V. He is the leader of Cerberus and is in charge of close-range attacks. He was also a close friend and partner of Ash until he was killed by Creed.


He is a bald man with a well cut black beard and commonly escorts Sephiria Arks when she leaves for business. His numeral V can be found on the left side of his head. He also caries a handgun for small fights.


Naizer was seen with Ash, fighting against Creed upon his betrayal to Chronos. As they fought, Creed managed to dodge all of their attacks. When they cornered him, Creed brought out his broken Kotetsu, now the Imagine Blade, and killed Ash and wounded Naizer with ease. Naizer was hospitalized, but later returned to duty when Jenos formed Cerberus with Beluga. The three launched an attack on a castle belonging to the Apostles of the Stars and managed to destroy a good portion. During the conflict Naizer sacrificed himself in a failed attempt to kill Creed, causing Beluga to destroy him with his Bazooka.

In the Manga, Jenos stops Beluga from killing Naizer, using his weapon, Excelion, giving Creed time to wound him. Naizer is hospitalized for the rest of the series.


Dioskouroi Tonfa (v)


Dioskouroi: Naizer wields a pair of tonfas named "Dioskouroi" with incredible skill, allowing him to reduce a large regenerating creature to nothing with only speed.

The two tonfas names translate to "sons of Zeus", named Castor and Polluk, the twins that make up Gemini of Greek mythology.



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