• Name: Muscle
    Muscle Ganzer
  • User: Gyanza Rujike
  • Type: Tao
  • Debut (manga)
  • Debut (anime):

Muscle allows Gyanza to became able to control the flow of ki inside his body to increase the size of his muscles and to greatly magnify his already impressive physical strength, to the point of being able to turn into a hulking mass of muscles with extreme destructive power. He is also able to make his muscles so hard that he could use them as an armor. With his power of Tao, Gyanza also gained the ability to sense people's ki in order to locate them. Gaining such a power had a dire consequence on his troubled mind however, as he became convinced that having a power of Tao had made him invincible and became obsessed with his own power, with the delusional impression that he had become one of the best elite warriors, while he is in fact without a doubt the weakest and the least trained of all the Tao-wielding fighters of the story.

Indeed it's Gyanza's power of Tao which offers the fewest possibilities and special techniques, reflecting his brutal and merciless way of fighting. Moreover, he never bothered to train his power or to learn how to use his ki, which would ultimately lead to his downfall.

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