Mason Ordrosso, the Chronos Number XII, is a character who vastly differs between the manga and the anime. In the manga, he is mentioned as the sole survivor of the Chronos Numbers who fought in the war against the Tao Masters. He only appears briefly near the end and his name and weapon are never revealed. In the anime, he is revealed to be a traitor to Chronos and the primary antagonist of the Eden Arc.


Mason has long, gray, spiked hair with sideburns and a thick mustache with each side as long as his hair. He wore robes while in Chronos, but as a Zero Number, he wore gold armor.


In the manga, Mason appears duty-bound, observant, and cheerful.

In the anime he is much colder and manipulative, having deceived everyone for over twenty years so that he could complete his plan. He wanted to fuse Eve with Eden in order to recreate Earth with only the finest humans, all of whom would be under the control of the Zero Numbers.


Mason is said to be the oldest Chronos Number, and was the only one alive to actually witness the Taoist War. He learned many high-level Tao techniques from their leaders, but stayed in Chronos until present day.



Chronos Number XII. Mason is the eldest member of the Chronos Numbers. Although he never participated in a single battle in the series itself, he is the wisest and most experienced out of all the Numbers. It is explained in the manga that he was the lone survivor of the last time the Chronos Numbers fought against Tao-users. He only appears in the final part of the manga, witnessing the explosion of the castle from afar with Belze Rochefort. He asks No. II if he is worried about the other Numbers, to which Belze bluntly replies no. Mason is also briefly mentioned by Sephiria Arks.


After the final confrontation with the Apostles of the Star, Mason and his team of Numbers defect from Chronos and kidnap Eve. Train Heartnet, along with the Apostles and Chronos, follow him in order to save her, and take on Mason's Zero Numbers. Train attempts to fight Mason himself, but is stopped by Creed Diskenth, who tells Train to hurry ahead and find Eve. Mason is destroyed along with his team when Eden is, since they were all connected to it.



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