Rules for editing the pages on this wiki


The order of information in articles

Character Pages

Simple Character Box

Short description of character

Appearance: Detailed description of character's features and dress style

Personality: Character's personality

History: Character's past

Synopsis: Character's story in the series

Gallery: Extra pictures





Manga Information: Any manga specific information goes in this field

Trivia: Additional information that doesnt belong in any other field

Navigation: Insert one of my navigation box templates

Technique Pages

Picture (saved 190px)

  • Name: the technique's name
  • User: who uses the technique
  • Type: is it an orichalcum weapon, a tao power, or nanomachines?
  • Debut (manga): first time it appeared in the manga
  • Debut (anime): first time it appeared in the anime



I like to see paragraphs in articles, which consist of information about one topic, not several pieces of others put together. They must be double spaced, not by use of the <br>.


  • Do not upload small or blurry images, otherwise they'll be deleted
  • Appropriate name, 22-05.jpg will not be accepted
  • Profile images must be saved in jpg or png format and 640×480
  • Any pictures in character articles must be saved on the right size at 190px

Character Template

A simple character Template.

Obscene/Inappropriate Information

  • No profanity or your account will be blocked for 6 months
  • No uploading nude/exposing pictures or putting them in character articles or you will be blocked for one year

Break either rule twice and you will be blocked permanently

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