Lugart Won is a master assassin who has been ranked A hazard level with a bounty of $200,000..


Lugart is a gentleman, yet homicidal, assassin who believes his work should be done as a form of art. He also believes that strongest should be the only ones to survive.


After being tricked by Rinslet Walker to attend a banquet, Train Heartnet spots Lugart Won among the guests in attendance. Train confronts the 20 million dollar bounty target with simple pleasantries but then reveals to know who he is. The two then proceed to a different floor to confront each other, with Train not using his Hades in fear of causing a commotion. Lugart immediately reveals that he is at the banquet on an assassination job to kill the hostess. He then moves in to kill Train in a single move but only succeeds in knocking him unconscious for few seconds. They continue to fight, with the two equally matched. Lugart then threatens to turn the fight up a notch, when he notices a large group of guests rushing towards them, forcing the two combatants to postpone their duel. Lugart later witnesses Train, deflect four bullets fired at a dinosaur with four of his own, to keep the shooters from drawing the attention of the dinosaur. After the dinosaur is subdued Lugart moves in on the hostess of the banquet, knowing several of her armed bodyguards, and strikes at her only to miss on purpose stating that assassinations must be done in difficult situations to be considered an art. Later on, at the end of that same day Lugart intercepts Train and Rinslet and questions Train's actions of saving the gunman earlier. He then states that he is going to become stronger until he is able to defeat Train's skills with his gun.


Musouryuu (Unparalleled Technique)

Musouryuu fighting stance

Musouryuu: Lugart does not use weapons for his assassanations, but rather a form of martial arts called "Musouryuu" (Unparalleled Technique) which combines illusionary speeds and agility with precise brutal strikes to lethal points of the body.


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