Lloyd Goldwynne was first Sven's partner when Sven was a detective in IBI, and the original wielder of the Vision Eye.


Lloyd has dark brown hair and green eyes. He wore glasses and a suit.
Lloyd 02


Lloyd was a nice and family oriented man. He was very popular at IBI. Lloyd was determined to help people and believed the vision eye was a gift from god so he could help people despite foreseeing his parent's death as a child.  


Sven worked with Lloyd 7 years ago in black cat's time line. He and Sven were good friends. 

in the manga Sven and Lloyd hanging out at a bar after work. After Lloyd left Sven was attacked by a mafia wanting revenge for getting to of their bosses thrown in jail. Sven was locked in a warehouse as bait. On his way home Lloyd gets a vision of his own death. when called by the mafia holding Sven, Lloyd ran to Sven's rescue anyways. When the mafia tried to kill them Lloyd shelded Sven saving his life but costing his own. 

As he layed dieing he explained to Sven sometimes the future can't be changed.

In the anime Sven went on a case alone so Lloyd wouldn't have to miss his daughter's birthday party but Lloyd found out and ended up saving Sven but lsing his life.


  • a week before he died Lloyd became an organ donor and that's how Sven got his eye.

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