Lib Tyrant is a ex-gangster who became the new governor of Braccio City.


He has blond, slicked back hair, dyed orange in the middle. He wears a tan suit.


Lib Tyrant is a blackmailing, drug dealing, murdering, gangster. Who has broken every law, but somehow made governor



While he doesn't appear in the manga, there is a Lib Mafia. His bodyguard Race is also the family assasian for the Lib Mafia in the manga. The Lib Mafia may be the Mafia he was apart of.


Lib Tyrant first appears in a parade after winning the election. He is then giving a speech at his party. He introduces his wife Joanna and invites everyone to their wedding. While in the bathroom Sven see that Lib is going to be murdered. While trying to warn Lib one of his bodyguards attacks Sven. Lib is then giving another speech when Train comes and knocks out all of his bodyguards. Train then shoots and kills Lib Tyrant.


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