Lacdoll was one of the Sweepers in the Sweeper's Alliance. He is the second member to be killed, shortly after his partner Gallom. In the anime he doesn't die.


Lacdoll appears to have very pale skin, and what seems to be a tattoo on his right cheek. He has black hair down to his shoulders, and very dazed looking eyes. He somewhat resembles Durham Glaster, without the face mask.


He seems to be very arrogant and selfish, similar to his partner Gallom. They both seem to boast about themselves, and intended
to keep Creed's bounty all for themselves. He is very panicky when faced with extreme danger, as seen moments before his death.

Manga Synopsis


Lacdoll attacks Shiki, trying to avenge Gallom

He first appears alongside Gallom, walking to the Sweeper's Alliance meeting. He and Gallom both appear very frustrated over Glin's

Lacdoll is killed by Shiki, as Eve looks on in shock

game challenge. After the meeting, he joins the other sweepers on the boat ride to the Apostles' island. He and Gallom pitch the idea to take on Creed in their individuals groups, portraying their apparent smug superiority. The sweepers agree with the two, moments before Shiki appears and kills Gallom. Lacdoll is sprayed with Gallom's blood, and Lacdoll falls into a frightened panic. He picks up his gun, attempting to avenge his friend. He fires blindly at Shiki, all shots being easily deflected by Shiki's Insect. The ricocheted bullets then hit Lacdoll, and he slumps over the side of the boat, dead.

Anime Synopsis

In the anime, Lacdoll and Gallom first appear when Sven Vollfied opens the door to the Sweeper's Alliance meeting. He calls Sven a second-rate Sweeper, and tells him that they don't need "old men or women," prompting Silphy Deacroft to drop-kick him in the head, sending him flying to Sven's feet. When Silphy challenges him again, saying that she wouldn't miss, Glin intervenes to prevent them from fighting further.

When Train, Eve, Rinslet, Woodney, and River pop out of the sewer and are promptly chased after by Flora, a pet dinoasur, Lacdoll and Gallom restrain one of Flora's legs with a rope and hold it back, giving Silphy a chance to take Woodney to safety as Kevin knocks it unconscious with a tranquilizer bullet.


Little is known about his skills in combat. He carries a basic assault rifle type gun, and attempted to kill Shiki using it. The full extent of his abilities is unknown, as he fired the gun in a panic.

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