Kevin McDougall is a Sweeper whom, together with Train Heartnet and others, form the Sweeper Alliance.


Kevin has spiked brown hair, with the front jutting downwards and the back angled at several different degrees. He wears a black t-shirt with a red vest over it. He also wears wrist bands with the edges red and the middle; blue.


Despite Sweepers naturally working alone, Kevin was willing to work as part of the alliance. He wanted to take charge, something the others made fun of because he's so young. Since childhood he had a strong sense of justice. As a child he aspired to do work that could protect people.


He had only been a Sweeper for seven months. He captured 'Est', a large drug organization three month's prior. Even when he was a child, (as stated earlier) he's had a strong sense of justice and thought 'When I get older, I want to protect people'. After graduating from High School, he was employed by a high class corporation. He worked there for a while, but never gave up his childhood dream. While working there, he learned of the Sweepers' existence.



Inside Creed Diskenth's mansion, Fudou and Mundock are captured and Doctor

Kevin when he was stabbed by Fudou's weapon

injected Nanomachines into both of them, causing disfunction to their attitude.

When River Zastory, Train Heartnet, Eve and Kevin were on the way to the second flight of stairs, they met Fudou and Mundock (already injected with nanomachines) and attack them.

Fudou tried to attack Eve with his weapon, but Kevin replaced Eve's position, and was injured. He saved Eve from Fudou's unconscious attack. But was severely injured, fortunately, he doesn't die as his heart wasn't stabbed by Fudou's weapon. Seconds before he lossed his consciousness, he said "Eve, the debt, I owe you for saving me... has been repaid..." then he fainted due to lose of blood. After Fudou and Mundock are saved by Eve's nanomachines injection, Kevin and River who were injured were left in the care by other sweepers, receiving medicine from Kevin's aid kit that he carried in his hip pocket bag.


Kevin first appears at a meeting to create the Sweeper's Alliance, with Lin Xiao Li heading the operation. Later we find out that Lin is working for Chronos, something that makes them all want to quit. They don't however, and instead head to Kraken Island to attack the Apostles of the Star. He participates in the final confrontation, not fighting any Apostles, but rather taking out Doctor's Mutations.


Kevin; Gun

Kevin's Pistol

Dual Pistols: Kevin handles two revolvers, and taking down multiple opponents at once is his specialty.

Kevin McDougall

Kevin with his dual pistols when he attacked Creed's army

He can shoot multiple enemies with dual pistols in quick succession, but he is still not as fast as Train. He is skilled enough to shoot the hidden weak spots in the armour of the Shooting Star Unit of Creed Diskenth's army.



  • Even though Gallom and Lacdoll call Kevin a kid, River is younger than him.


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