Harry Afleck is a person who appears in chapter 1 of the manga.


Harry was a accountant hired by the lib mafia. But he was tired of it so he disappeared. He has a bounty of 2 million yen.


Half a month later Train and Sven are eating at a restaurant but during their meal some men come in a shoot up the place killing everybody but Harry. One of the men starts talking to Harry about how he couldn't escape them. The man is about to kill Harry, but Train steps in saying he's their bounty. Train then throws some smoke bombs,

Harry gets shot

grabs Harry, and runs. At a hotel Harry tells them about who he is. They tell Harry that they are taking him in, but Harry asked if he could see his daughter Ellie first. The next day Train and Harry are waiting for Sven when suddenly Sven appears covered in blood. Harry asked if he's been shot, suddenly

Harry dies

Train tells him to get back, and then Sven shoots Harry, killing him. It was really Reis in disguise. Harry in his last breath tells Train that he wanted to see his grown daughter, Ellie, he then dies with tears in his eyes. Later Train and Sven go to Rojana and leaves a family picture of him at Ellie's doorstep.

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