Gallom was a member of the Sweeper's Alliance. He is also notable for being the first one to be killed. In the anime he doesn't die.


Gallom has a somewhat stereotypical "Biker" look, included with his leather jacket. He has a spiked up hair-cut, a strong jaw with a cleft chin, and most notably, a large scar across his face. He wears several rings on his hands.


Gallom First
Not much is known about him. However, it is shown that he is ignorant and cocky. He believed he and Lacdoll could easily win over Creed, and he intended to keep the entire bounty for himself. H

Eve and Sven witness Gallom's death

e is very selfish and arrogant, easily seen before his demise.


Manga Synopsis

Gallom Dead

Gallom with his head cleanly sliced

He initially appears alongside Lacdoll, going to the meeting of the Sweeper's Alliance, appearing frustrated over Glin's game. After the meeting, he is seen on the boat, standing with Lacdoll. He pitches the idea to take on the Apostles of the Stars, and Creed alone, claiming whoever gets to him first will get the entire bounty, with the sweepers initially agreeing with him. Shiki then appears and instantly slices Gallom's head in half, killing him. His death provokes the Sweepers to do the opposite of his suggestion, much to his would-be dismay.
e v Sweepers
Current: Train Heartnet · Sven Vollfied · Eve · Rinslet Walker
Deceased: Saya Minatsuki
Alliance: River Zastory · Kevin McDougall · Silphy Deacroft · Lacdoll · Gallom

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