Emilio Lowe was the number III of Chronos, prior to his defection.


Emilio has a rather scholarly appearance, with round glasses and wearing a black suit with a purple undershirt. He also wears a yellow tie, striped with black. His eyes are a bright pink.



Along with Baldorias S. Fanghini and Kranz Maduke, Emilio defected with Mason and joined the Zero Numbers. He fought against Sephiria and Belze, and nearly won thanks to the nanomachines that healed him inside Eden. However, after Eden is destroyed, so is he, being that the two were connected.


While he doesn't appear physically, number III is mentioned.


Emilio; Bow

Emilio's Bow.

Marksmanship: Emilio's weapon of choice is a silver bow, created out of Orichalcum. He fires golden arrows, which he can load three at a time and fire them simultaneously.



Emilio is one of the few Chronos Numbers who do not appear in the manga. He is also the only anime-only Chronos Number to join the Zero Numbers.


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