Clevar is a member of Chronos and former junior to Train Heartnet.


Being a former trainee of Train, he was ordered to bring Train back to Chronos or kill him. He is also a ruthless killer willing to remove anyone in his way.


During a routine sweeper job, Train and Sven Vollfied's target is stabbed in the chest by a knife thrown by Clevar. Train recognizes him

Clevar as Train's junior

and asks Sven to leave them alone and save the mark. Train and Clevar then head to a bridge and converse for while with Clevar offering the world to Train if he would come back. Train denies his offer and Clevar reveals that he was sent by the Council of Elders on a mission to return Train to Chronos or kill him. After Train refuses the offer, the two have a stand off and fire at each other at the same time with Train killing Clevar. Train later sheds a tear thinking of how stupid Clevar was.

During Train and Creed's fight, Train gets a glimpse of people from his past and Clevar was one of the people he saw.


Clevar Orenated Glock

Marksmanship: Being a junior of Train, Clevar would have been trained well in marksmanship. His weapon of choice is a pistol that was made of Orichalcum. He is also skilled with throwing knives. He has pretty good vision. He has 20/13 vision in both eyes. 



  • Clevar is exclusive to the manga.
  • He is the first member of Chronos to appear in the manga series.
  • He is the first one to mention Creed in the manga.


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