Cat's Eye is the 9th chapter of the Black Cat Manga.
Cat's Eye
Volume: 2
Chapter 9
Previous Chapter 8
Next Chapter 10


Train and Sven manage to infiltrate Torneo's mansion and are easily beating all the guards. Meanwhile Torneo notices Eve is upset, he then slaps Eve and tells her that she shouldn't be upset since she is a weapon. Train distracts the guards, while Sven looks for Eve. Eve notices that Sven is alive and is happy much to Torneo's anger. While fighting Train starts thinking of the old days and starts getting "the feeling". Train then walks out with a terrifying look that scares all the men. Out of options, Torneo tells Flitt to prepare the NS Serum much to Flitt's terror.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Sven Vollfied
  2. Train Heartnet
  3. Rinslet Walker
  4. Eve
  5. Torneo Rudman
  6. Morris Flitt

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