Lost (迷子"maigo") is the seventh chapter of the Black Cat manga.
Volume: 1
Chapter 7
Previous Chapter 6
Next Chapter 8


The chapter starts of with Sven asking Eve where her home is. The next scene shows Train running from the guards. He hides in a pot and losses the guards, when one guards walks by he gets a idea. Later Sven is giving Eve ice cream, they talk and when Sven is going to take her to the police station, when he see's Torneo. Sven then takes out a gun and tells him he's taking him in. Back at the mansion Train got captured, while asleep. They try to wake him up but find out it was a mask, and that it was really a guard. Train then leaves the mansion.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Sven Vollfied
  2. Eve
  3. Train Heartnet
  4. Torneo Rudman
  5. Morris Flitt

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