Rinslet Walker is the third chapter of the Black Cat manga.
Rinslet Walker
Volume: 1
Chapter 3
Previous Chapter 2
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The chapter starts with Train and Sven walking into a cafe, that belongs to a woman named Annette Pierce. Just then a woman runs in asking for Train to help her to which he says no. Sven then kicks Train for saying no to a woman. They notice that there are a group of thugs outside. Train then walks outside and all the thugs attack him. Though Train easily dodges all their attacks. Sven then asked the woman who she really is. After the thugs leave it turns out that the lady hired them to get Train and Sven to help her. The woman takes off a wig and tells them her name is Rinslet Walker a thief and needs their help with a mission.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Annette Pierce
  2. Train Heartnet
  3. Sven Vollfied
  4. Rinslet Walker

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