Cerberus is the Guerilla Assassination team of Chronos; it consists of Nizer Bruckheimer, Jenos Hazard, and Beluga J. Heard.


Cerberus from left to right Nizer, Jenos, and Beluga

This team has a fine balance between, Nizer's speed, Jenos' techniques, and Beluga's power. It looks as if Jenos', who goes gung-ho, is in charge, but actually Nizer is the leader of the team. Each of them wears sunglasses with subtly different designs.


Nizer Bruckheimer

Nizer Bruckheimer Number V is the leader of Cerberus and is in charge of close-range attacks. He has great speed.

Jenos Hazard

Jenos Hazard Number VII is a member of Cerberus, in charge of mid-range attacks. He has great technique.

Beluga J. Heard

Beluga J. Heard Number XI is a member of Cerberus and the long range attacker. He has great power.

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