Belze Rochefort, known as Number II, is the vice commander of the Chronos Numbers and one of the closest people to Sephiria Arks.


Belze has long, blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He often wears a long dark blue coat with gold shoulder pads on it over a suit and tie, usually his chronos uniform, a purple shirt and gold and black tie.Belze has very good vision. Both his eyes have 20/8 vision (2.5 in Japanese measurements)


Belze is a solemn, serious man by nature. He is very loyal to Chronos and especially to his commander Sephiria. He is also one of the calmer Numbers and does not like to rush into things without having a plan or two.



Belze is first seen at the end of chapter 25, where he intercepts Charden Flamberg and Kyoko Kirisaki in a graveyard. The two Apostles of the Star members are intending to meet with Shiki but Belze interrupts and tells them he is there to take them down. He is the first Number to fight the Apostles and he witnesses firsthand how powerful they are. Charden challenges his association with Chronos and Belze responds that although the organization isn't perfect, it is a necessary player in keeping the world's balance and peace.

Shiki arrives and takes the two away, leaving Belze to contemplate his recent fight. Creed makes a brief appearance and Belze grows even more concerned about the rise of the Apostles. He warns one of the presidents connected to Chronos about the rogue association, but he's not taken very seriously. The president and all other attendees of the world summit conference are later killed by the Apostles.

He joins Sephiria in visiting ex-Number XIII, Train Heartnet, at a hotel. They ask for his assistance in capturing Creed alive as a sweeper and leave the bounty notice without waiting for an answer. Later he is seen talking to Number X, Lin Xiao Li, about rogue numbers IV and VIII, Kranz Maduke and Baldorias S. Fanghini. He states that he did not give them the order to attack the Apostles in Stock Town and that they are rather violent. He orders Number VII, Jenos Hazard, to go to Stock Town and tell the two to return to headquarters immediately. 

He was not involved in the final attack on the Apostles. Instead he is last seen with Number XII overseeing the destruction of the Apostles remaining bases.


After the rise of the Apostles of the Star, Sephiria leads him and the other Chrono Numbers into their stronghold. After the battle, Mason Ordrosso revealed the newly formed Zero Numbers and attempted to kill Belze and Sephiria only to be saved by Anubis.

After the bio-weapon Eve was abducted by the Zero Numbers for Eden to recreate the world, Train Heartnet enlisted the remaining Numbers to help defeat the Zero Numbers. Belze, along with Sephiria Arks, Lin Xiao Li, Anubis and Jenos Hazard, fought against the Zero Numbers and were nearly beaten. However, with the destruction of Eden, their opponents were easily destroyed.


Belze; Weapon


Gungnir: Belze wields an Orichalcum spear which is named "Gungnir" after Odin's spear



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