Beluga J. Heard, known as Number XI, is a member of Chronos and the long range attacker for the Cerberus assassination squad.


He enjoys rock climbing and taking naps in his free time. To him, completing the mission with his team is everything and personal feelings can wait until the job is done.



Beluga joins Jenos Hazard and Naizer Bruckheimer in the attack on the Apostles of the Stars' castle in an attempt to assassinate Creed Diskenth; and manage to destroy good portion of it. During the conflict Naizer sacrifices himself in a final failed attempt to kill Creed, causing Beluga to destroy him with his Bazooka. Later on, Beluga dies while fighting off enemy soldiers.


In the Manga, He dies helping Jenos and Naizer escape from the Apostles of the Stars' collapsing hideout after a failed attempt on Creed's life due to Jenos' thoughtless intervention. His last words were to thank Jenos for keeping him from killing his own friend.


Verethragna Bazooka (XI)


Verethragna: Beluga wields an Orichalcum bazooka named "Verethragna", which can also be used as a large hammer. Due to his weapon of choice, Beluga is usually called for duty in missions against organized resistance groups or nations rather than one-one-one duels.

The term "verethragna" roughly translates to "smiting of resistance" or "victory". A suitable name to coincide with a bazooka.



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