Ash, known as Number X, was the partner and close friend of Nizer Bruckheimer until being killed by Creed Diskenth.


Ash had spiked, blonde hair, kept up by a red bandana. His numeral is X and can be found on his chin. His eyes were blue, and he wore a red undershirt with a black suit. Under his bandana he has a giant, X-shaped scar on his face.


Ash was seen with Nizer, fighting against Creed upon his betrayal of Chronos. As they fight, Creed manages to dodge all of their attacks, but they corner him. Creed then brings out his broken Kotetsu, now the Imagine Blade, and kills Ash with ease. Creed then spared Nizer.


Ash; Cane

Ash's cane.

Ash fights with a cane made out of Orichalcum, which, when stabbed into the ground, is able to shake the earth beneath him.



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Current: Sephiria Arks · Belze Rochefort · Anubis · Jenos Hazard · Lin Xiao Li
Former: Emilio Lowe · Kranz Maduke · Baldorias S. Fanghini · Mason Ordrosso · Train Heartnet
Deceased: Ash · Nizer Bruckheimer · David Fapper · Beluga J. Heard
Erasers: Creed Diskenth · Clevar

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