Anubis is the number VI Chronos who only appeared in the anime.


Anubis is a large black wolf, capable of human speech, with a long, mechanical tail made of Orichalcum named Osiris. His tattoo, VI, is carved onto his face above his left eye.


When the bio-weapon Eve was abducted by the Chronos Number, Mason Ordrosso, and fused with a machine that is capable of recreating the world. Anubis, along with Lin, Sephiria, Belze, and Jenos, fought against the Zero Numbers and were nearly beaten. However, with the destruction of the machine, Eden, their opponents were also destroyed.


As a wolf, Anubis can bite or scratch with his natural weapons.

Osiris: as a number, he also possesses a durable orichalcum tail, which was strong enough to withstand attacks from Shiki's Insects.


  • Anubis is one of the few Chronos Numbers who do not appear in the manga.


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