The Black Cat anime was produced by GONZO and premiered in Japan in October 2005, airing for 24 episodes. It diverts from the manga; at the beginning of the anime, Train Heartnet is still a member of Chronos, and he had not yet met Saya. Although it reaches the conclusion of the manga, it extends by another arc.

The opening theme is "Daia no Hana" (Diamond Flower), sung by Yoriko, and has two ending themes: "Namida Boshi" by Puppypet and "Kustuzure" by Matsuda Ryouji.

Summary List

Episode List

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Openings and Endings

Yoriko - Daia no Hana (English and Japanese Lyrics)03:33

Yoriko - Daia no Hana (English and Japanese Lyrics)

Black Cat opening: "Daia no Hana"

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