"We have another target for you Sweeper!"
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Series Name
Season One, Episode Seven
Air date November 17, 2005
Episode Guide
A Targeted Cat
A Traveling Cat
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When an enraged Train fights Creed, Eve smells the blood and asks Sven to take her to its source. A week later, Train wakes up in Sven's cabin as Sven and Eve found him seriously injured during the festival. Eve still does not trust Train because of his former life as an assassin, resulting in Train telling her that she is also a murderer. After this, Eve escapes scared from the cabin and she is found by the Chronos assassin Jenos Hazard who wants to finish Train's work. Train comes to Eve's defense and helps her to knock Jenos out, who still fakes his defeat to avoid fighting. Meanwhile, Chronos changes its focus to Creed, instead of Train. The next day, Train leaves with Sven and Eve to work as a sweeper.


  • It seems a little odd Sven didn't know where Eve was when he pulled up to the house LESS THAN A MINUTE after she went outside.
  • The fight with Creed and Train is shown back in episode one.
  • The tanker was hit by one of Train's bullet, which Creed deflected.
    • Saya's body likely was burned to ashes by the explosion.
  • Chronos give up on trying to get Train, instead focusing on Creed's Tao followers.