"We have another target for you Sweeper!"
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Series Name
Season One, Episode Twenty Four
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A Cat in Paradise
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Train and Sven successfully enter Eden and fight their way through their defenses, but they meet Mason. Creed shows up to fight Mason while Train and Sven go to save Eve, but Train meets Zagine's ghost due to Eden tampering with his past memories. After some talking Train severs the link between Eve and Eden and everyone returns to their lives. Rinslet is with Jenos as Sven and Eve drive off looking for Train, who disappeared after the battle; they are confident in that he will join them again eventually. In the end, Train walks into the streets thinking of Saya, with a smile on his face.


  • Siphira plans to rebuild Chronos, with herself and the remaining Numbers as the leaders.
  • Creed is shown to have changed for the better, living peacefully in a mountain villa while tending to Echidna.
  • Leon and his friends run a bread shop.
  • Eve continues living with Sven.
  • The Zero Numbers die from the accumulated injuries they sustained, without Eden to heal them.