"We have another target for you Sweeper!"
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Series Name
Season One, Episode Ten
Air date December 8, 2005
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A Charming Cat
An Imitation Cat
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Before escaping on a helicopter, Charden tells Train that he can meet Creed in the San Geles City. During a political gathering from such city, Creed and the Apostles of the Stars start a terrorist attack as part of their plan for a revolution. When Train finds and threatens Charden and Kyoko, Creed appears before him. Creed once again requests Train to join him, but Train tries to kill in revenge for Saya's death. All of Train's bullets are blocked by Creed's sword and when he manages to pierce a bullet through his chest, Creed easily heals his body with Tao's power. When Creed's partner Durham Glaster shoots Train, Sven receives the shot, and Creed leaves frustrated. Train protests Sven why did he get in the middle of the fight, but Sven hits him for fighting alone. Rinslet then explains to Train that Sven's best friend was a comrade from the FBI and died in a battle for protecting Sven, causing him to be afraid of losing his partner with his right eye being the one from his friend. Next day, Train and Sven make up by having a childish fight.


  • Sven says he couldn't cash in on Gyanza Rujike's bounty.
    • This is odd, as the wanted poster say "dead or alive".
  • Creed's full team is revealed in this episode, revealing a total of seven followers (Kyoko, Charden, Leon, Echidna, Maro, Shiki and Durham.)
    • His other minion, Doctor, would be reveals later.
    • Preta Ghoul is a part of the group, but is still in jail.
  • Creed wears Saya's necklace as a trophy.