Series Name
Season One, Episode Thirteen
Air date January 19, 2006
Episode Guide
A Fighting Cat
A Chibi Cat
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Creed kills Durham, which influences Charden's and Kyoko's decision to leave the Apostles; they cannot trust a man who slays comrades so easily. Kyoko decides to make Train a chocolate for "Heart Gift" day. Doctor Kanzaki shows up and tries to shoot Kyoko with a nanotech bullet, "Lucifer," but Train jumps in front and is hit.


  • In the English version, the holiday is called Valentine's Day, to make more sense.
  • Apparently, Sven has saved up money from some Sweeper jobs and has a budget set.
  • Train sets off an explosion by touching a sink to get water. (Rather odd, right?)
  • It seems spicy food doesn't affect Kyoko.
  • Kyoko seems even nuttier than her manga counterpart. Given she swung into the window of Train's hotel room, rather than use the door like a normal person.

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