"We have another target for you Sweeper!"
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Series Name
Season One, Episode Twelve
Air date January 12, 2006
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An Imitation Cat
A L♥ve Cat
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After having a nightmare of Saya's death, Train goes to Creed's castle. At the same time, Jenos and his partners Beluga J, Heard and Naizer Bruckheimer, locate and attack Creed's castle in order to kill him. The three Chronos' Numbers are attacked by the Apostles: Kyoko, Leon Elliott and Maro. They manage to defeat them by attacking them with the first floor's roof. While continuing their pursuit, Charden, Echidna Parass, and Shiki confront the Numbers. Sven, Rinslet and Eve enter Creed's castle, but Eve separates from them to rescue Leon. Rinslet and Sven are captured by "Doctor". Train gets to Creed, and both fight once again. During the fight, Creed requests Train to shoot him in his head, so that he may recover his assassin nature. Train does so, but Echidna blocks the bullet. Jenos enters into Creed's room, but he falls from the castle due to one of Creed's attacks. Beluga shoots the castle with his bazooka until it collapse's, making the captured Sven and Rinslet also fall. Before continuing fighting Creed, Train decides to save his friends, instead of seeking revenge. Creed is than ambushed by Naizer and Beluga. Later, in Sven's car, they talk about why Train saved them instead of getting revenge.  The  conversation than leads to Saya. Sven asks if she was Train's girlfriend. After a few seconds of thinking, he says that she was just a close friend. However, Eve doesn't think so, and states that Train got dumped.


  • The order in which the two trios of Apostle greet Cerberus is mixed up from the manga.
  • Kyoko seems to know where Train is around.
  • Creed's insanity is shown to be worse than originally thought; he cannot accept the fact Train wants nothing to do with him and his plans for the world.
  • Death of Nizer Bruckheimer.