"We have another target for you Sweeper!"
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Series Name
Season One, Episode Twenty
Air date March 9, 2006
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A Scampering Cat
A Drowning Cat
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Sephiria orders Train to dispatch Creed, but Train declines, wishing only to apprehend him as a sweeper. During their battle, Train, with help from Saya's spirit, fires an orichalcum bullet into Creed's fully awakened Imagine Blade, shattering the weapon and defeating Creed. Eve disables the nanomachines within Creed, who leaves with Echidna Parass. The heroes win the battle, but it appears some of the Numbers and Apostles have betrayed them.


  • Creed's immortality is shown to be even greater than in the manga, as he was able to completely rebuild himself to how he was after Sephira's strongest attack reduced him to shreds.
  • While Creed's mind is dealing with the psychological damage caused by his blade shattering, memories of his life are shown.
    • Creed had a terrible childhood, leading him to kill his drunken mother and live off the streets.
    • Saya's lullaby plays over the memories, suggesting her spirit is trying to soothe his pain.
  • Creed loses his immortality, but unlike the manga, his catatonia is temporary.
  • The Zero Numbers make their move after the Apostles are defeated.