"We have another target for you Sweeper!"
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Series Name
Season One, Episode Twenty Two
Air date March 23, 2006
Episode Guide
A Drowning Cat
A Cat in Paradise
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Mason merges Eve with the machine Eden. Eden then creates a nanomachine rain that consumes people. While Rinslet finds Eve's creator Tearju Lunatique, Train gets the assistance of the remaining Numbers and the sweeper alliance, and everyone heads off to stop Eden.


  • Tearju Lunatique is revealed to an adult version of Eve. This is because Eve is her clone.
  • The Zero Numbers plan to put everyone in the world to sleep, hoping to end conflict.
    • Their ship, Eden, has access to her memory.
    • To pacify Eve, the program Adam tricks her into following their will.
  • Chronos has been utterly destroyed, save for the five remaining loyal numbers: 1,2,5,7 and 10.
  • The alliance to stop the Zero Numbers is comprised of the Sweeper's Alliance, the remaining Numbers, and former Apostles of the Star (Kyoko, Charden and Leon).