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Series Name
Season One, Episode Fourteen
Air date January 26, 2006
Episode Guide
A L♥ve Cat
A Distant Cat
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The nanotech bullet has changed Train into a young boy. Eve and Train meet Tim, Layla, Mika and other orphans, and they help them fend off a group of gangsters. Train's past, where his parents were killed by an assassin who raised him, is explained. By the end of the story, Train is back to normal, as the effect of the nanomachines have worn off.


  • Even though he was reduced to a child, Train still proved effective in combat thanks to his years of practice and training.
  • Kyoko vanishes for most of the story after getting distracted by a phone call.
  • The ploy of using Eve's nanomachines to copy Hades was taken from the manga.
  • Eve is suggested to have feelings for Sven.
  • Doctor and Shiki are alone when discussing the nanomachines, an early hint about the Zero Numbers.